Putting Climate Change (and COP26) in Context

Our friends at IISD – those indefatigable PhDs who sleep little and write lots at MEA meetings around the world – have produced a report that captures their take on where global environment governance is at the start of 2020. Just as the ENBs produced by these deeply informed chroniclers diplomatically yet accurately recount theContinue reading “Putting Climate Change (and COP26) in Context”

Getting to Not No: Searching for Consensus in the Climate Negotiations

Multilateralism aims to forge agreement among countries to solve problems that span borders. To achieve success, treaty parties must balance the number of participants with the strength of their commitments and their willingness to enforce them. In tackling climate change, we see this triad playing out differently between the UNFCCC (197 Parties + qualitative, not quantitativeContinue reading “Getting to Not No: Searching for Consensus in the Climate Negotiations”

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